THE RUSSELL GROUP UNITED Teams with Manifold & Phalor to offer a unique Tungsten Additive Manufacturing (TAM) capability in Ohio. Key factors driving the development of this production capability:

  • Tungsten is Critical to National Security and  in these US markets
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Oil and Gas
    • Nuclear
    • Mining
    • Military and Defense
  • Current Market is Unsustainable In time of Need
  • US needs to Innovate Supply & Manufacturing
  • A Path to Security of Sourcing is Essential

Click the link for a full presentation:

1 May 2021 TRG United Presentation Tungsten Manufacturing – The Journey Home

TRG United Trademark Renewal – Official United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) Notice of Acceptance Section 8: U.S. Trademark RN 4600140: TRG UNITED (Stylized/Design): Docket/Reference No.


30 JUNE 2020.

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The Russell Group United LLC Certification renewal for “Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement” DD Form 2345 with expiration 21 August 2024.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE), conducted an unannounced site visit with The Russell Group United LLC on 10 March 2020 . On 14 April 2020 the VA CVE notified The Russell Group United LLC that … “your company remains in compliance with the eligibility requirements set forth in 38 CFR Part 74”. The on-site examination was conducted to re-evaluate your company eligibility for the VetBiz Vendor Information Pages (VIP) Verification Program. This letter serves as notification that your eligibility has been confirmed, and its current period of eligibility will continue.”

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DLA Headquarters has completed the review of THE RUSSELL GROUP UNITED LLC export controlled technical data access. Subsequently, THE RUSSELL GROUP UNITED LLC 6VUZ7 was Approved for DLA Enhanced Validation and has met the DLA-specific requirements for accessing export controlled military critical technical data managed by DLA. See attached Memorandum from DLA for CAGE 6VUZ7.

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On 21 August 2019, THE RUSSELL GROUP UNITED LLC received renewal notification of its JCP (Joint Certification Program) Certificate. Visit this link to see our Approved DD Form 2345. The JCP Certification (signed by both Canada and the US) permits THE RUSSELL GROUP UNITED LLC (with clear handling restrictions) to access and use military critical technical data for preparing quotes for military equipment and parts, and for subsequent DCMA QAR inspection of items produced under DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) contract awards. This certification is valid for five (5) years; 08/21/2019 to 08/21/2021.

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The Russell Group United, LLC has successfully renewed its registration in SAM (System for Award Management) with an effective date of 20 MAY 2019. This update reflects the NAICS codes for The Russell Group United, LLC.

The Russell Group United is a 2018 awardee of the VHA Healthcare Furniture and Support Services IDIQ Contract in all five (5) Regions of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There are nine (9) awardees on the contract.

The Russell Group United, a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), was awarded a nationwide IDIQ Healthcare furniture contract by the Veterans Health Administration, for all five (5) Regions. The initial period of performance is 11/01/2018 through 10/31/2023, with an option period of performance 11/01/23 through 10/31/2028.

The Russell Group United will coordinate and provide project management of all products and services for the VHA IDIQ in all five (5) Regions of the VA.

The Russell Group United was approved for SDVOSB reverification effective 31 August 2018.

The Russell Group United, LLC will remain eligible to participate in Veterans First Contracting Program opportunities with VA as a verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) for the next three years.

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The Russell Group United, LLC has successfully renewed its registration in SAM (System for Award Management) with an effective date of 17 August 2018. This update reflects the new address for The Russell Group United, LLC and updates it NAICS codes.