Memorial Day is a day when all Americans, regardless of ideologies, race, creed, or political persuasion, join together to remember the sacrifices of those who answered their Nation’s call to military duty, to defend the Nation, these United States of America.

The significance of this day is sometimes confused or distorted. Sometimes, there is a failure to recognize the magnitude of the deeds of the men and women who held true to the notion that evil and tyranny must not prevail. The true meaning of Memorial Day becomes at times, distant or vague, lost to commercialism, or drowned in forgetful indulgence.

It is our sacred duty to keep the legacy of our nation’s patriots forever fresh in the memories of our generation and all future generations. We are bound by honor to do so. They fought and died to preserve this Republic, this land of opportunity.

Without the courage, valor and singleness of purpose of our nation’s veterans, the values that have always made it possible for us to meet new challenges, and move forward as a nation, would have been lost.

The freedoms that so many Americans enjoy did not come cheaply. They were paid for with the flesh and blood of American servicemen and women, and with the tears of those whose lives were changed forever by the loss of a loved one.

Let us understand that Memorial Day is also an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our country and to America’s living veterans and their families in memory of the sacrifices they and others have made, … and will be destined to make in the future.

God Bless these United States of America.

George R. Nelson, COL USA (Ret)
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Russell Group United, LLC