TRG United Teams with Camber Corporation SeaPort-E Contract

TRG United is proud to announce its addition to the Camber Corporation SeaPort-E Contract Team. TRG United will Team with the Camber Corporation, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, to serve the needs of the SeaPort-e Warfighter. Camber is a leading provider of professional and management services, information technology, engineering, and advanced training solutions to the federal government, principally the Department of Defense. TRG United adds its capabilities to the Camber Team from its five company Sectors of expertise:

  • Energy, Health and Environment (EHE)
  • Training, Education, and Skill Sustainment (TES2)
  • Information Technology and Cyber (ITC)
  • Business Consulting and Operations Research Studies (BCS)
  • Manufacturing (MAN)